Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bags Wishlist

From upper left to right: Burberry Little Crush (in tan and black), Mulberry Cara, Balenciaga Mini City, Zara Mini City, ASOS Satchel, ASOS Bucket Bag 
Having to minimize my endless (literally never ending) wishlist for my wardrobe, I decided to pick six bags to really aim for. 
Burberry: the Little Crush in Heart Print 
The bag comes in two colors (oxblood & white and tan & black).  Looking deceivingly small, it's actually large, passing for a clutch, and with it's strap, a shoulder bag. I love the print, after seeing it for the first time in person, I wanted to have it on everything.  Lets not start on the Big Crush while we're here.

Balenciaga: Classic Mini City Leather Shoulder Bag
After seeing this on Kylie Jenner, I fell in love with this small bag. With an edgy look caused by its nickel and worn but fresh looking leather, it got me hooked. The perfect looking go to bag for anything, even having a version with gold rather than nickel, making it an easy to wear fashion statement. 

Literally any Mulberry bag would do. They hold a classic vintage look that every bag collection needs. The newest coming to the line, the Cara, has a tom boy look, but doesn't stray away from classic.

Zara: Mini City Bag
A cheaper bag on my list, the pastel colors of the bag is amazing to brighten up a dark outfit (that I wear a lot.) I feel that it would be the perfect bag that fits between small and medium.

ASOS: Satchel Bag With Scallop Edge 
Coming in many cutesy colors, it brings a Zoella feel to a bright outfit with a peter pan collar. 

ASOS: Duffle Bag w/ Contrast Insert Panels
A trend that I really fell for, a bucket bag brings a beachy look to anything. With realistic looking leather, it's something I see my mom stealing out my closet. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer Trend: Co-Ords

Top to bottom, left to right:
ASOS Pastel Shorts, Topshop Boutique, Jade (Topshop), Beyonce (Topshop), Topshop Boutique, Boohoo and NewLook
A trend that I'm in love with, and everyone has to try: Co-Ords.  Becoming popular from brands like Topshop and ASOS, it has become a summer need.  With minimal effort to dress it up, it has become easy to wear for a hang out with friends or a wedding. 
I broke types of co-ords into 4 groups: "the playsuit", "the suit", "the dress" and "the mixed & matched". 
The Playsuit:
M y favorite, the playsuit is the most easy to wear during the summer.  With a seamless look, your tee and short look like a fun playsuit! Easy to wear simple trainers to dress down or wear pumps to dress up this effortless look.
The Suit:
Worn by the beautiful Jade Thrilwall, the suit is a  more grown up approach to the co-ords. To "young" it down, wear a simple crop top under your blazer, and don't forget those high-heel sandals!
The Dress:
Worn by Queen Bey, the dress has a bit of tummy showing, giving off the illsion of a dress rather than a crop top and dress, similar to the playsuit. 
The Mixed & Matched:
The designers of Boohoo and NewLook used the same fabric sheet? The mixed & matched are basically to pieces of clothing that have a similar or nearly exact pattern. This can rage from blazer to pants and shirts to shorts, creating either of the other three co-ord styles. 
So rock that effortless summer trend girl, the co-ord.