Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer Trend: Co-Ords

Top to bottom, left to right:
ASOS Pastel Shorts, Topshop Boutique, Jade (Topshop), Beyonce (Topshop), Topshop Boutique, Boohoo and NewLook
A trend that I'm in love with, and everyone has to try: Co-Ords.  Becoming popular from brands like Topshop and ASOS, it has become a summer need.  With minimal effort to dress it up, it has become easy to wear for a hang out with friends or a wedding. 
I broke types of co-ords into 4 groups: "the playsuit", "the suit", "the dress" and "the mixed & matched". 
The Playsuit:
M y favorite, the playsuit is the most easy to wear during the summer.  With a seamless look, your tee and short look like a fun playsuit! Easy to wear simple trainers to dress down or wear pumps to dress up this effortless look.
The Suit:
Worn by the beautiful Jade Thrilwall, the suit is a  more grown up approach to the co-ords. To "young" it down, wear a simple crop top under your blazer, and don't forget those high-heel sandals!
The Dress:
Worn by Queen Bey, the dress has a bit of tummy showing, giving off the illsion of a dress rather than a crop top and dress, similar to the playsuit. 
The Mixed & Matched:
The designers of Boohoo and NewLook used the same fabric sheet? The mixed & matched are basically to pieces of clothing that have a similar or nearly exact pattern. This can rage from blazer to pants and shirts to shorts, creating either of the other three co-ord styles. 
So rock that effortless summer trend girl, the co-ord.

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